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Your Customers' security - in your hands

Signature-based detection does not always work. We observe threats before signatures are available to detect them. Threats are polymorphic and obscured so straightforward detection doesn’t work.
— Bank Cybersecurity Intelligence Manager

The vast majority of mobile malware targets Android devices. Yet, application developers cannot protect their customers.

According to Gartner, "Banks cannot cleanse their customers' smartphones and have no control over this type of Trojan. All they can control is customer interactions with their bank applications. Even securing mobile bank applications and strengthening authentication processes for mobile users won't stop this type of Trojan from operating."

Iota Security’s SDK for Android solves this problem. You can embed our advanced threat detection capability within your host application, allowing you to own and manage your customers' experience.

Help protect yourself and your customers from cyber attack, and prevent fraud before it happens, by integrating Iota Security's SDK for Android. 

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